Clamp Rack Part 2

With my bar clamp racks completed in Clamp Racks Part 1, I decided to move on to a slightly more challenging project.  Pipe clamps present different design considerations due to the shape of the clamps themselves.  They tend to be heavier than bar clamps and not hang quite as easily without support all around the edges of the clamp.  The generally agreed upon way to do these racks is to cut out channels to hang the clamps in, looking sort of like a square tooth waveform.

IMG_2959Due to the added weight of the clamps I decided to use two braces instead of just one.

Here you can see the clamps hanging in their new home.  Lookin’ good!


Here you can see the new clamp rack in context.  Notice how these racks use a minimum of wall space while providing enough capacity for 12 pipe clamps and 48 bar clamps.  I’ve been using these racks for a couple of months now and they are working like a charm.

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