Clamp Racks Part 1

Over the last year I’ve dramatically increased my clamp collection due in no small part to the great Harbor Freight Quick Release Bar Clamps.  Their supplier Pittsburgh is doing a bang up job at delivering pretty good clamps at about half the cost of other brands.  There’s a common complaint about the clamp flexing under high tension (which is true) but on balance if you’re looking for a way to build out your inventory of different clamp sizes, I highly recommend.

Usually when I get an idea for a project the first thing I do is go on YouTube and consume.  There are tons of videos there (heck, maybe I’ll even make my own some day) and you can usually get a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

While I took inspiration from both Jay Bates’ Universal Clamp Rack and April Wilkerson’s Pipe Clamp Rack neither were quite what I was looking for.

Jay’s Universal Clamp Rack looked great and was orderly, but with my limited wall space I can’t afford to have everything lined up horizontally; I need to make use of the space extending out from the wall as well if I have any chance of fitting in the clamps.

April’s Pipe Clamp Rack was closer to what I was looking for but I was concerned about how you had to line up adjacent racks the perfect distance from each other for the clamps to hang in between.

Since I already have a French Cleat system I decided to use that to my advantage and build clamp racks I could move anywhere, made use of space extending from the wall, and didn’t require precise side-by-side separation.

The images that follow kind of speak for themselves so I’ll leave it at that.





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