WoodTalk #269 Listener Question

I had a question about Danish Oil read (and answered) on the Wood Whisperer podcast, WoodTalk #269 “Your Finishing Questions”.  Also see the link below to hear the segment of the show itself.

Hi guys, love the show.  I’m hoping you can help with a predicament.

Recently I built a side table to fit next to the baby’s cosleeper.  I made it out of bubinga and maple and finished with Danish Oil.  It looks great!

I let it outgas in the garage for 10 days thinking that would be enough time for the fumes to go away.  But it wasn’t.  On the first night after moving the table to the bedroom my wife said the fumes were still really strong.  Then I checked the info on the packaging and though it might not be toxic per se, it is at minimum a nose and throat irritant.

What should I do now?  Can I put a coat of something else on top to prevent further outgassing?  Do I just leave the table in the garage for weeks or months until it becomes safe to take back inside?  And what should I do in the future to avoid a similar situation; what finishing strategies should I use for furniture that is meant to be used in close proximity to wife and baby?

Thanks for any help.

Christopher Mann — August 16, 2015

My question is at 55 seconds in.


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